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Carbohdrates are the main fuel source in the body’s cell, including those in the brain and nervous system. It is in the form of blood glucose and are stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. The purpose of Carbohydrate is to provide energy. Carbohydrates have 6 major functions in the body:

1) Provide energy and regulate glucose.

2) Spare the use of proteins for energy

3) Breakdown of fatty acids and prevent ketosis.

4) Biological recognition processes.

5) Flovour and sweetness

6) Dietary fiber


When you eat carbs the body’s digestive enzymes breaks down carbs into simple sugars then glucose which is then absorbed into the blood stream.  it is then distributes to the cells and muscles with help if insulin or retained as an energy reserve in the liver as glycogen or stored as body fat. 



Carbs?? Disease.

This weeks lecture was based on Carbohydrates.. One major type of carbohydrate is GLYCOGEN.. Glycogen is a polysaccharide that is the storage form of glucose in animals(humans). After eating, there is too much glucose in the blood. our bodies response to this is to store the excess glucose as glycogen in the liver and muscle cells.

Glycogen storage diseases are genetic enzyme deficiencies. It results in excessive glycogen accumulation within cells. Additional symptoms depend on the particular enzyme that is deficient.

There are 11 forms of Glycogen Storage Diseases (aka Glycogenoses). Some are the Type I GSD or Von Gierke’s disease, caused by hepatic deficiency of Glucose 6 Phosphatase, the Type II GSD or Pompe’s disease, caused by deficiency of acid alpha-glucosidase, the Type IV or Andersen’s Disease, caused by deficit of branching enzyme in various organs, including the liver, and the GSD Type V or McArdle’s Disease, caused by muscle deficiency of Glycogen Phosphorylase, among others.Image

This is some awesome facts.


this post is solely to quench my curiosity ( pun intended) . So I love Coke, and before you start, yes i know it can be used as toilet cleaner, yes i know the phosphoric acid in coke inhibits calcium absorption which can lead to osteoporosis (mostly in women, how unfair is that??), yes i know caffeine stunts your growth ( honestly i haven’t grown since 2008 i don’t think there’s any higher i can go) i will tell you my readers what i tell my family…

you like you caffeine hot, i like mine cold and with some phosphoric acid and caramel colouring for good measure 😛

but since we’re on the topic of sugars….i got to thinking just how much sugar is in coke??

so being the trusting person that i am i’m going to be quoting figures from the label ( as coke is readily available in my house) in the hope that…

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